BurgerIM in Sparks Nevada has rebranded their restaurant. The new and improved name, SIZL. Burgers is brilliant!

A local Sparks family decided to rebrand their family business with their own flare and passion for gourmet burgers.

Come by and check out some of the new menu items. We are open everyday at 11 am. Located in the Scheels shopping mall in Sparks Nevada.

You can find BurgerIM Menu, Contacts and more information on our new website www.SizlBurgers.com

https://www.burgerimsparks.com/ is now https://www.SizlBurgers.com

https://www.burgerimsparks.com/our-menu/ is now https://www.sizlburger.com/menu/

https://www.burgerimsparks.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/catering-menu-with-new-pricing.pdf is now https://www.sizlburger.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/catering-menu-with-new-pricing.pdf


SIZL. Burger Reviews

4 months ago
The 6 burgers came out fresh in about 8 minutes or less. They looked very much the photos and you could taste the quality of the ingredients un the fast food versions where your eyes tell you its a burger but here your taste buds don’t lie. The house sauce and BBQ really help to enhance the flavors rather than mask them.

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6 months ago
Burgers are burgers right? Well, that might be true if you are talking about fast food but this isn’t your typical burger in a box kind of experience. The first BurgerIM I visited was in Pleasanton, CA and it was a joy to the taste buds. So …

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a month ago
Edit. – sometimes there’s a little confusion when ordering carnivore, bit just explain and it will all work out perfectly. …
Response from the owner a month ago

I’m glad you enjoyed your meal. My wife is also carnivore so she understands your situation. We are rebranding this month and our new name will be SIZL. We will be offering a carnivore option with your choice of meats and toppings. We will be closed April 20th and reopen under the new name on April 23rd.

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6 months ago
I have been eating here since they reopened after the shut down!! This place has the best food of any around. The meat is top quality and I would recommend it to anyone. The owners are awesome and the staff is very friendly…Support our local businesses..

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8 months ago
A great experience. Really great wings and burgers.

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2 weeks agoNEW
Name changed to Sizl. Same great burgers!

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6 months ago
Great food and wonderful service. A family owns and runs this place and they are good folks. Support them and get some great food!

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5 months ago
First time my gf and I tried Burgerim. It was delicious and the service was very warm and friendly. I had the lamb burger and it was incredibly delicious. Definitely support this awesome local business!

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6 months ago
Great little hole in the wall. Good food and great beer. Simple straight forward happy hour!

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9 months ago
The food here is so delicious! The service was fantastic. The options are plenty. We ordered the greek lamb sandwich, the chicken and avocado sandwich, regular fries, sweet potato fries and the chicken fingers. Everything was so good and fresh. Highly recommended!

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2 months ago
Delicious and great customer service!! Will be back…

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6 months ago
First time at BurgerIM in sparks, Clean, friendly atmosphere. Great burgers, will be coming here again when in sparks.

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a year ago
Everyone must try out this place. This is the nicest looking, cleanest place run by the nicest family you can meet. And the food is awesome! Be SURE to try the chicken wings– I guarantee, you will not be disappointed!

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7 months ago
I had a the grilled chicken with fresh Avocado, Tomato, Swiss Cheese with Aioli, Side of Cajun Spice fries (homemade chips) . Magnifico !

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10 months ago
We had the classic Angus burger & lamb burger. Both were cooked perfectly, medium well. Had the chip fries and onion rings both were so good too plus ordered an cookies&cream milkshake. Will definitely pickup more food from them real soon …

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8 months ago
Love the unique fries. Very tasty burgers and wings.

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a year ago
Walking into this place, I had no idea what to expect when it came to the food served. The woman behind the counter greeted me with a smile and a “hello, welcome to BurgerIM, how are you today?” I smiled back and said, “hungry.” She laughed …
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a year ago
What a wonderful place to eat!!! They have burgers, grilled and breaded chicken, falafel, Greek lamb, even the IMPOSSIBLE!!! We’ve enjoyed everything we’ve had there!! Super yummy food!!!

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5 months ago
Great food and customer service!

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a year ago
Very delicious, and friendly staff. Definitely would recommend to stop by.

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a month ago
Great French Fries!!!

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a year ago
Fantastic food. The advertised pictures are actually what the food looks !

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a year ago
This place just opened. The food was delish ish! My friend and I split a Trio meal. So much food. Loved our choices, even the lamb burger. Garlic fries to die 4. Even serve wine and beer. Gotta try!

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a year ago
BurgerIM has now become my go-to restaurant. It is located at Legends, across from the movie theater. First and foremost the staff is absolutely amazing! A customer is greeted immediately upon entering the restaurant. Staff will take their …

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a year ago
Great burger with a really good variety and great service too. Count me in.

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a year ago
Really good food, the fries are super good

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a year ago
Really good burgers and service!

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8 months ago

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a year ago

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4 months ago

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7 months ago

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10 months ago

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6 months ago

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3 months ago
Food was great tasting excellent burgers (though a little messy), onion rings were pretty good and fries though different (they were round) they tasted good. Only negative were prices were a little high ($30 for two burgers, a soda, fries, onion rings, and a beer).

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3 weeks agoNEW
Very good burgers and great people

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5 months ago
Nice staff, great gluten free options and tasty burgers

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5 months ago
Cashier was really nice and helpful, quick service too!

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4 months ago

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3 months ago

Over salting is a thing.. And I love salt! Soggy grilled cheese, terrible tasting so called “beast fries”, and a burger that could have been good but someone left the top of the salt shaker off. Throwing out the “beast fries” but who cares.